Bandwidth and Cell Signal

Right now I write this from the the bar at Kendall Valley Lodge. I love KVL. These guys are great. Great dinner, comfortable cabins, Beautiful grounds, wonderful people, the works. But there is no cell signal here at all, and no WiFi in the rooms. If I want (really slow) WiFi, I need to go to the restaurant or bar. That’s all I got.

But this, in a nutshell, is the tour. You will meet wonderful people, see stunning scenery, and get to know parts of the country I barely knew existed, but there is a price. Mostly, that price is that this is a world that doesn’t always need instant access to interconnected tools, so they don’t prioritize them. It’s just not the critical part of their life that it’s become for many of the rest of us.

I’ve stayed in many places in the last few weeks that amazed me. Some were great, some were bad, and some were just weird. I love the roll-the-dice local lodging lottery. But interconnected tools have been part of my life for decades. I’m an IT guy for gosh sake. So I have two ways I go. Sometimes I’m frustrated that I can’t get enough cell signal or WiFi to contact my loved ones or updated my blog. Sometimes I secretly like that I can’t connect. Shhh, don’t tell anyone about that last one.

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