C&O and GAP

There is a lot I can say about this route, but today I’d just like to talk about it’s benefit as a training tool. In short, I’d like to start using it to build up distance.

I like using the W&OD to do personal centuries. I can hop on the trail right from my front door, and a there and back to Purcellville is about 90 miles. They’re not very interesting miles, but there is a kick-ass bakery at the end of the line, and sometimes you don’t need anything exciting, you just need to put on some miles. Nice math. But what if I want to go longer?

The C&O/GAP trail is long, about 325 miles and it has small towns and frequent camping spots all along the route. It’s gravel, but it’s easy gravel. Probably the biggest downside is mud. The thing is, if I want to do a certain distance greater than 100 miles, it’s pretty easy to set up. Harper’s Ferry is 60 miles out, for a 120 mile round trip. Shepherdstown is 73 miles away. And I can keep going basically as long as I need to go that day.