Day 10

This was a fun day for a bunch of reasons. To start with, it was all pavement, so we got done fast. Nice change of pace. Then we got to camp. First time camping with the whole crew (we’ve mostly been staying in cabins and motels). And then there was the ghost town at Bannack State Park where we were pitching our tents. The town was the first capital of the Montana territory, and people flocked their for the most Western ghost town of reasons… Gold! I really wish Laury were here. She would have loved it. But I am bringer her back a very small surprise. Don’t tell her 😉

Interview with Chris this morning. Really nice guy and arguably the best on a bike of the four of us.
The ghost town. As you can see, some buildings were maintained pretty well and some were not, but they let you go into almost any of them. In some cases, I wondered how much liability insurance they were carrying, because there was a good chance they were going to need to use it.
Schoolhouse in ghost town. Apparently, if you were a teacher in the 19th century in the Montana Territory, you were not allowed to get married. Or “keep company with men.” Or leave town without an escort. Basically, I don’t recommend becoming a teacher in 19th century Montana.

I feel bad that I didn’t get any pictures of the tents or other camping activity. Maybe next time.

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