Day 15

Today we got final word from Greg M. that he was sufficiently recovered from his shoulder injury to join us on the tour. He’d be flying into Jackson Hole airport, so that’s where we needed to be, Jackson, WY. This was not part of the original plan. The GDMBR starts heading East at Colter Bay, so we’d be riding off route. Best divergence ever. I got a chance to see the stunning Grand Tetons in from so every angles and distances as we rode through the park. When we got our first view in the North, Greg said, “it will only get more spectacular as we go on.” He was so right.

I’m going to post some pictures and video, but if you’re a fan of the Tetons, you’re probably already seen similar. But here’s the thing, go there in person. There is something about the extreme openness of the sky and the land in Wyoming that can’t be adequately replicated in media. But if you’re a fan, you probably already knew that as well.

We haven’t seen a good ol’ selfie in a while 🙂 Greg M. and me heading down the park road after our first really good peak of the Tetons. It really did make me as happy as Greg, but for some reason I always look grumpy in this kind of shot. No idea why.
BTW, yes, we did have to ride in that traffic. Thank goodness we live near D.C., so we’re sorta used to drivers too taken in by the sites to notice the cycles.
… and this is that peak.
Things are gettin’ good.
Great spot for a pic. As you can see from this pic and the next, Greg and I are half Borg.
This is what our ride looked like all day long.

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