Day 7.2

I promised y’all some videos of day 7 when I got a chance. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to upload on hotel WiFi, but I managed to get a few going so you can see what a fun and frustrating day it was. I consider this one of the great days of the tour. Very rewarding when all was said and done.

Up. Up. Up some more. This part was not so fun.
Some curse words may have been uttered in an attempt to express our feelings about the trip up the mountain.
Singletrack! We didn’t get much of it, but I really enjoyed what we got, even if I’m a little clunky at it.
Getting faster. This is where things really started to get fun.
This is a long video. I understand if you don’t want to spend eight minutes of your life watching it. But I really loved spending my time on this great, fast section. There’s another video of similar length after the bridge. It goes by a lovely stream. Maybe after I get back to gigabit land and I can upload a full rez version.

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