Day 8

Day 8 was an easy day on paper, but after Day 7’s excitement, the short, uneventful ride felt plenty tough and we were quite tired at the end. We ended the day in Butte, which was mined extensively for copper over the last decade and left an ecological disaster in it’s wake. And that’s kind of a metaphor for the small city. It’s a mix of super interesting history with the terrific Montana people we’ve come to expect in this great state, but also sketchy stuff you’d really rather avoid.

Did I mention we were tired when we came into town? Well, my GPS said we needed to climb to the top of this mountain before we were allowed into Butte. Cuss words may have been spoken. This was one turn by turn we were happen to ignore.
The copper mine seen from a distance. It dominates every overview of the city. Despite the fact that it’s a Superfund site and a massive ecological disaster, it’s obvious the citizens of Butte are quite proud that the copper from this mine quite literally made America what it is today.
The pit from the inside. All that water has the acidity of vinegar in addition to many toxins. They have round the clock sirens and fake explosions in an effort to keep waterfowl from landing here. Large flocks have been known to perish after mistakenly choosing this inviting lake for a respite.
The excellent shop where Greg M. got some work done on his bike. Chris in center looking tough and, wait, who is that in the background? Bill and Giselle! I suspect we’ll see them again.
Told yah. We all had a bite at Mac’s Tavern, and the owner was nice enough to let them bring their bikes inside. And put them on the stage. So, naturally, the whole band needed to get in on the action.

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