Goodbyes and Hellos

The group has changed dramatically over the last week. It’s a little convoluted, so I’ll bullet point.

  • Day 12. Paul and Greg M. take a rest day in Lima. Dean and Chris move on so they can make a scheduled rendezvous with Dean’s son.
  • Day 13 – 15. Paul and Greg M. continue on but switch up the route in order to head to Jackson, WY.
  • Day 16. Everything changes. Greg S. Flies into Jackson Hole airport, gets his bike ready and officially joins the tour. Yay! BUT, there is major suckage as well. Greg M. decides that it’s time for him to leave the tour, and with much emotion I say goodbye to my best friend.
  • Day 16. For one brief moment, we’re all together at JAC. Both Gregs, Dean, Chris and me, sharing tales of the road, saying goodbye, and finally driving and riding our separate directions.
  • Day 17 and on…. the tour continues with Paul and Greg S.

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