Greg S. – Day 4

Day 4 (31 miles)

We planned to make it a short day and end the ride at Pinedale to resupply in preparation for crossing the Great Basin.  The ride was mostly downhill and at a low level of effort.  Felt great to take it easy with a smile active recovery day.  We ran across Jerry in town and he told us he blew out a tire where we were purifying water with him a couple days ago.  He had to flag down some guys on ATVs and ask for help getting into town.  Interestingly he told us this story just after Paul decided to purchase a spare tire for his bike.

As part of our resupply planning Paul called the adventure cycling association and confirmed water supply locations in the basin so we could identify how much water to bring each day when leaving Pinedale.  Each of us will be carrying about 2.5 gallons.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, doing laundry, shopping for food and bike/camping dingledangles.

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