Greg S. – Day 6

Day 6 (120 miles)

We planned on making this a 70 mile day.  It started with a hard climb coming out of Atlantic City followed by some smooth downward sloping gravel.  The roads were nice and we moved pretty quickly.  about three hours in Paul wanted to stop for lunch and I proceeded forward while he ate.  After coming by the oil field the roads started to incline and changed from smooth to rock garden surfaces.  The path took us to the top of a few of the mountains in the basin and it was really worth the price of climbing this inclines.  Later there was an abandoned cabin and I stopped there to check it out and the map orientation.  At that point, I found out that the courses plugged into our bike head units was different than the bike route navigator app on our phones.  Paul and I were planning to link up at the camp site and both of our head units didn’t even have a course that would bring us to the camp site.  I took my phone off of airplane mode and found that there was a pretty good cell signal.  I called and text Paul, later sent a note to his inReach to let him know that our courses weren’t the same as the app on our phones and that we would have to navigate on the fly to get there.  No problem, we both figured it out and got the the camp site with little wasted riding.  

Once at the camp site, Paul suggested continuing on to the next town and camping there. I felt great so we proceeded, then decided to go to Rawlins.  It turned out to be a lot more riding than I should have taken on so early in the ride, but we made it.  We decided to take a down day in Rawlins to recover and will proceed to Colorado after day 7.

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