Move it!

Sunday was a travel day, a bike build day, and a get everything together day before the big ride.

Salad from a vending machine at O’Hare. Really tasty. Might put SweetGreen out of business someday.
Assembling the bike in the hotel room. I have a cool time lapse video of this, but the upload speed in the hotel is glacial. Probably because we’re next to Glacier National Park. Because that how the internet works, folks, it goes the speed of what’s nearby. You should see the great uploads they get at NASCAR events.
I guess we’re pretty close to the border.
First bear sighting
My brother got us matching shirts to help us remember our role in the circle of life. Clif, your advice seems to have been dead on…. hopefully without the “dead” part.

2 thoughts on “Move it!

  1. Hi Paul and Team,

    This is Tui. The Banff Canada lean meat shirt is awesome. Also love O’Hare’s salad vending machine the farmers fridge. Very cool. It’s great seeing all of the beautiful photos. You guys rock!

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