Reflection 1

I finally did the count. 
– 1,400 miles traveled
– 77,000 feet total elevation climbed
– 9,500 feet highest elevation achieved.
– 49.2 mph max speed. 
– 4 excellent riding companions
– 6-10 recurring riders making the same trip
– 4 good Samaritans/trail angels
– 4 states visited

I wanted to go all the way to Mexico, but I can’t help but think this was still a win.

3 thoughts on “Reflection 1

  1. Paul – I finally was able to take a look at your updates in your blog and came across your September 7 entry. Nothing like a wake up call to help you to see the priorities and to bath in appreciation for what you do have. At 1400 miles and 77,000 feet of accumulative elevation … that’s a lot more than most. Good to see that the clean mountain air helped you to keep a clear perspective. Thanks for letting us ride along with you as it was a great trip … and welcome back!

  2. Oh no! We assumed we wouldn’t run into you again because you were covering so many miles each day, but had no idea of how much work it took you to even start the ride. You are a badass and we look forward to seeing you out on the trails on the east coast!

  3. I just showed this to a friend. She said, “I’ve never seen stats like that! Except in a car.” 😁 You have a lot to be proud of!!

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