No Retreat Double

I didn’t do the retreat double. I had some setbacks, and it was ambitious, and I knew it, so I don’t feel bad, but I also kind of feel bad.

I did a century yesterday and it was the first century I’ve done in a while. I got a chance to try out some new(ish) gear over a longer time frame and things wen’t generally well. I’m wiped today, which is something I haven’t felt after some of my centuries in the past, but I was carrying a full pannier, I was running a dynamo for recharging, and I was using knobby gravel tires pumped relatively low. I was also using aero bars during a lot of it. So pluses and minuses.

What does all that mean? I’m not 100% sure, but I definitely need some more intensive training. I also need to eat better. My eating patterns were not very good for this kind of ride. So, like I said, training, but not just of the legs and the heart, also of bike fit, refueling, etc.