RockStar 270

My next big event is the RockStar 270 starting in Harrisonburg, VA on May 2. It’s a small ultra-endurance gravel race, and the first UE I’ve done since the Great Divide. My goal is to finish it within 2 days. This will not be easy.

Unlike the Retreat Double, where I knew it was a questionable task, I’m approaching the RS as a doable goal. Is it doable in two days? Hard to tell. But the race, itself, is something I can manage. It’s basically 10% of the tour divide, and I’ve already done about 50% of that, so I know this is well within my capabilities.

I have a lot of work to do. May 2nd is only a couple of months away. I have a lot of training, a lot of gear prep, and some significant weight loss to do before then. Wish me luck.