Day 3

Finally back to civilization. Sort of. A local firefighter offered to help me out when I got stuck in a major lightning storm. Really saved my bacon. I got the spare room at his place and then back on the road in the morning. A big plus, a diner the next morning with the largest “scramble” I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness I’m burning tons of calories cycling!

One critical thing about today, I finally put in some miles! Nearly 80. The other guys have been worried that I wouldn’t make the rendezvous, and I love a challenge.

bacon breakfast pastry at the polebridge mercantile. Huge.
Bear tracks. For real. I saw scat, too, but I decided not to take a picture. You’re welcome.
Laury, I immediately thought of you. Wish you were here.
Did I mention how beautiful Montana is?
Gorgeous high mountain lakes were everywhere.

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